Why you should be using digital study models

Digital study models are all about the convenience it offers you. If you’re tired of the current issues that traditional plaster study models give you, problem solved! Going digital means that your study model files are easily stored by Reserve Orthodontic Laboratory on our offsite server where they are protected, secure, and backed up. Digital models has completely streamlined the retrieval of a current or past case. Digital study models are also a very cost effective way of cutting down your current study model costs — no more expensive storage facility fees, no more messes and costs that come with plaster. The viewing software is free and very easy to use and quick to download. The software is completely compatible with the most popular orthodontic and dental practice software in use today.

Reserve Orthodontic Laboratory has been offering digital study model service for almost a year, and we have had great success in bringing this new technology to our lab. We believe that as technology in the practice advances, we the lab must also advance; which is exactly why we have entered into the digital study model world. The best available software and scanning technology is currently in use at our lab — the 3shape R700 scanner and OrthoAnalyzer software are used to produce the study models.

So why wait? Join us in the digital study model revolution.