Training Training Training

It is a key part of any business to keep their employees knowledgeable about all aspects of their profession. For orthodontic labs, this means keeping technicians trained on the different methods of appliance construction and how to use the latest technology in the industry.

Here at Reserve Ortho Lab, we are currently cross training some of our technicians to be able to produce every part of every appliance we fabricate daily.

Continued training can be a time consuming part of keeping your business on top of its market; however, it is worth the time and effort. As a positive side effect of cross training your employees, you create more value in your technicians and they become an individual that is capable of doing anything in your laboratory at any time.

Reserve Ortho Lab currently trains many of our technicians in several different disciplines, such as pouring models, wire bending, and even into our Digital Orthodontics department. We believe that by training many of our technicians several different skills, we as a company become a better laboratory for your practice. We believe that we have an unbelievably knowledgeable staff that sets our laboratory apart from many others — which allows you to know that all of our technicians are trained exceptionally well and can help with any question or concern.

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