Spring Aligners as an alternative

A frequently asked question by clinicians and patients alike is, “How can I straighten teeth without wearing braces?”.

Often times, bracketing teeth is the only way some arches can be corrected; however, many doctors are choosing various removable appliance types to manage and correct many upper and lower anterior alignment issues.

Among the most popular designs are several acrylic and wire types which are viewed as a more traditional approach to align teeth. These appliances require resetting the teeth then fabricating an active acrylic and wire appliance which will move the teeth and gently correct rotations as time goes by. Simple rotations in anterior teeth can sometimes be corrected in a matter of days and the appliances can often times continue to be worn as a retainer to maintain the teeth in their corrected position.

Reserve Orthodontic Laboratory constructs several different designs utilizing the highest quality components available. It is also sometimes necessary to review space availability concerns, and alert doctors and patients that interproximal reduction between teeth — to relieve contact surfaces — is often required to facilitate tooth movement.

Please contact the laboratory to discuss the various options these appliances afford you and learn more about these and other alignment systems from one of our trained and talented technical support team members.