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Ortho Appliance Color Chart

Our ortho appliances are available in a variety of colors and customer configurations. It can be fun for your patient to review our chart and select the appliance design of his or her choice.

Download Color Chart

Prescription Forms

We offer a variety of prescription forms to help you communicate exactly what you’re seeking in a dental appliance. Choose from any of the forms, below.

General RX
Aligners RX

Active Plates
Bonded Lingual Retainers
Fixed Expanders
Habit Appliances
Invisible Material Options

Impression Requirements

If you’re sending us an impression, follow these guidelines for the best service.

  • Accurate impressions with any type of impression material are acceptable.
  • Impressions must adequately reflect all relevant anatomy.
  • Impression material must not be separating from the impression tray.
  • Consider pouring your models right away if your impressions are moisture, temperature or time sensitive.
  • Impressions sensitive to moisture content should be wrapped in a damp paper towel and placed in a sealed plastic bag if models are not poured immediately.
  • Only metal impression trays and those with PVS impression material will be returned.
  • Please send opposing impression or model for case where proper inclusion or crib placement is a concern.

Model Specifications

If you’re sending us a model, please adhere to these specifications for the best possible service.

  • Plaster or stone models are acceptable. Generally, the durability of stone (for appliances) is preferred.
  • Models should be reasonably trimmed, yet sufficiently thick for strength considerations.
  • No horseshoe-shaped models. Models should have a base of at least 7mm in the thinnnest area.
  • Bases will be added as necessary (for an additional fee) to models without bases or those lacking adequate base thickness or strength.
  • Reserve Orthodontic Lab can pour your study models in quality whipped white plaster (for an additional fee) for your convenience.

Shipping Guidelines

If you’re a U.S. customer, Reserve Orthodontic Lab provides a postage paid U.S. First Class Priority Mailing Label for forwarding your cases to our laboratory. All cases are returned via UPS (United Parcel Service) Ground Service unless otherwise requested. UPS 2-Day Air is available for an additional fee. Overnight is also available for an additional fee. Ship To:

Reserve Orthodontic Lab
4067 Jefferson Street
Medina, OH 44256

Download our Business Reply Mailing Label

If you are a Canadian customer, use the above address and send cases to us “prepaid” or with postage billed to your office directly. We will return all cases via UPS World Wide Delivery.

To prevent damage in transit, please follow these guidelines.

  • Completely fill in any spaces with packing material.
  • If sending an unpoured impression, it should be wrapped with a damp paper towel and sealed in a plastic bag.
  • Print Doctor’s name and patient’s name on plastic bag, and on bottom of all poured work models.
  • Include a complete prescription form with each case enclosed. Please mark the due date at least one day prior to appointment date.
  • Wrap wax bite record separate from impression / model.
  • Do not leave small items shipped with case loose, please put in a small labeled envelope or bag.

Boxes & Packing Materials

We provide free shipping supplies upon request, including boxes, foam packing material, and U.S. First Class Priority Mailing Labels for forwarding your cases to our lab. Please use our form to submit your request.

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Pricing Sheet

We offer a comprehensive pricing sheet upon request. To request pricing, please call (330) 725-1192 or email

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