Popular Questions

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How do I start sending my .STL files?
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Depending on your Intraoral scanning system, it is a very easy and quick process. You can either call Reserve Orthodontic Lab and have us set up the connection to your Intraoral scanning systems portal, or you can call your provider directly and have them set up the connection. Either way, it only takes a few minutes to get your practice and our lab connected. Please see our Send Us a Case page.

How do I begin Digital Services?
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Give Reserve Orthodontic Lab a call at 330-725-1192, or send us an email at sam@reserveortholab.com. It all depends on what services you would like.

Digital Model Archiving is very simple — send your .STL files, traditional impressions, or plaster models, and we digitally store them on our own cloud-based storage system, Sharefile.com. This is great for freeing up storage issues around the office.

Digital Study Model service is very similar — just send your .STL files, impressions, or plaster models, and we can create — using state-of-the-art software from 3Shape — a Digital Study Model set with a beautiful ABO approved base.

Printed Model Service — send us your .STL file, and we can 3D print a model and fabricate your appliance.

Would a switch to Digital Orthodontics save me money?
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Digital Orthodontics is a cost saver for several reasons.

First off, you simply cut out the plaster costs that your practice currently has. You can still send us a plaster work model for our lab to scan, but the savings begin with sending .STL files.

Also, you can begin to cut down drastically on your storage space and storage costs that come with plaster models.

Patients love getting a “digital impression”, so no more gooey alginate, and patient satisfaction speaks for itself. The intraoral scanners and 3D printers are so accurate that fit issues are greatly diminished, and remakes happen less often.

What is the turnaround time for a case?
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Turnaround time is 7-14 days for appliances. We can RUSH cases in an emergency. Shipping time must be taken into account when scheduling return dates.

Do you offer pick up and delivery?
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YES! FREE local pick-up and delivery service based on an approximately 75-mile radius of Medina, Ohio.

How do I know I am getting a quality product?
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Quality control starts with quality components and materials. ROL uses the finest quality screws, wire, stone, plaster, and acrylics available. The vast majority of our products are German or American made. Every appliance is inspected by a two-person quality control team prior to shipment. We are confident we will meet your demands through excellent craftsmanship and provide you with appliances that fit, work as they should, and attain the highest level of patient comfort possible while they are in use.

Are there any infection procedures in place at Reserve Orthodontic Lab?
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Infection control is a priority at ROL. All of our appliances are disinfected prior to shipment to your office and all proper infection control procedures are in place and monitored for your safety and ours.

Does Reserve Orthodontic Lab have a guarantee on its products?
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“ROL Guarantee” — Reserve Orthodontic Lab guarantees all work fabricated in our laboratory for 90 days from the date the work is received by Physician after construction at the lab. We guarantee acrylic and wire, if breakage should occur when workmanship is at fault for 90 days. We guarantee soldering or welding breaks if workmanship is at fault for 90 days. Any repaired appliances carry no guarantee. We do not guarantee repairs on appliances which did not originate from Reserve Orthodontic Lab. All requests for repairs or remakes must be accompanied by the original work model(s) and the appliance in question for any credit or free repair guarantee to be applicable.

Can I use UPS or the USPS for my pick-up and delivery of cases?
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Absolutely! Reserve Orthodontic Lab has partnered with UPS and can offer next day, 2-day, or regular ground service. We can RUSH cases in an emergency. Shipping time must be taken into account when scheduling return dates. Please be as considerate as possible and allow ample time for proper construction and return of your cases. Also, at no charge ROL will provide one-way postage with the use of our First Class U.S. Postal Approved Mailing Label.

Do you accept credit cards?
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Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We also offer auto billing with credit cards on file, so your account can be always up to date, and you can avoid late fees.