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Fabrication Requirements:
To provide you with the highest standards of quality and service, we ask that you follow our appliance and study model fabrication requirements. Please feel free to call Reserve Ortho Lab's Customer Service Department at 800.289.0338 (Ohio only) or 330.725.1192 (US & Canada) Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm (EST), or email us for further technical assistance

Important to Every Case...

►Prescriptions - Please provide a completed and signed Rx with every case and include the Doctor's License #

  • Standard Prescriptions
  • Herbst Prescriptions


  • Accurate impression with any type of impression material are acceptable.
  • Impressions must adequately reflect all relevant anatomy.
  • Impression material must not be separating from the impression tray.
  • Consider pouring your models right away if your impressions are moisture, temperature or time sensitive.
  • Impressions sensitive to moisture content should be wrapped in a damp paper towel and placed in a sealed plastic bag if models are not poured immediately.
  • Only metal impression trays and those with PVS impression material will be returned.


  • Plaster or stone models are acceptable. Generally, the durability of stone (for appliances) is preferred.
  • Models should be reasonably trimmed, yet sufficiently thick for strength considerations.
  • No horseshoe-shaped models. Models should have a base of at least 7mm in the thinnnest area.
  • Bases will be added as necessary (for an additional fee) to models without bases or those lacking adequate base thickness or strength.
  • Reserve Ortho Lab can pour your study models in quality whipped white plaster (for an additional fee) for your convenience.

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