The Retainer of the Month is...The Bionator!

The Bionator is considered a functional appliance, which are used to generally treat orthopedic and muscular dysfunctions. The appliances stops the non-normal influences and helps return a normal functional pattern to the patient. Functionals are more commonly used in younger patients that are continually growing. The Bionator is a more popular functional appliance for several reasons, one of which being it's reliable corrections it can produce as well as it's durablilty. Also most young pataients accept the Bionator easily, so Orthodontists love it!

There are two main types of Bionators, the Bionator to open the bite, or the Bionator to close the bite. The Bionator to open is designed to help correct Class II malocclusions by holding the mandible in an advanced position and also guiding the eruption of the posterior teeth. The mandibular anterior teeth are covered with an acrylic cap to prevent any over eruption. The acrylic cap comes into contact with the maxillary anteriors.  The Bionator to close is also designed to help class II malocclusions and reduce an open bite in the anterior. To reduce the open bite in the anterior you keep the acrylic that is covering the occlusion of the posterior teeth, and can eliminate the acrylic cap over the mandibular anteriors.The Bionator is also flexable enought to allow for some expansion to the mandible and maintain a nice tight fit.

The lab will require an upper and lower impression and bite registration to fabriate the Bionator. Reserve Orthodontic Lab produces the Bionator on a daily basis and can integrate most acrylic designs available on our color chart into the Bionator.