Digital Orthodontics with Reserve Orthodontic Laboratory

Use your intraoral scanner to send files to Reserve Ortho Lab

Step 1: Send your .stl file to Reserve Ortho's account.

Step 2: Reserve Ortho sends your file to our 3D printer for model printing.

Step 3: The 3D model is now ready for appliance fabrication and will be sent back to your office.

Don’t have an intraoral scanner?

Just send your impressions or poured work models and we scan them for you.


System: iTero- Call iTero at 1-800-577-8767 and ask the representative to add Reserve Ortho Lab to your scanning software, you may need our customer ID number (call for number). Then you may need to restart your software program in order for ROL to show up in your "ship to lab" drop down box, thats it, your done!

Carestream CS 3500- To send your first scan to Reserve Ortho Lab you will need to enter in our email address ( into your software, after the initail scan is emailed to us, we complete the set up process on our end through the CSconnect portal.

3M True Definition Scanner- When filiing out the perscription on your scanners software please choose Reserve Ortho Lab as the lab you wish to send the case to. We should already be an option for your practice to send scans to! If there are any issues sending ROL your scan please call 1-800-634-2249 for assistance. 

Call (330)-725-1192, or email for details