Digital Study Models


 Thinking about Digital Ortho?!?!

Start with Digital Study Models and Digital Archiving


 Reserve Ortho Lab uses the most advanced equipment in the field. We currently scan your existing plaster models using the 3Shape R700 desk top scanner. Our top of the line scanner and software provide unparalleled views of your Digital models.

Storing your Digital Study models is safe and secure using our FREE storage solution with,

our advanced offsite storage website with highly advanced security features.

You can access your models anytime anywhere for FREE. And we keep your files safe FOREVER!

In order to start and view your Study Models or Archived Models, download our FREE viewing software, OrthoViewer.



 Digital Study Model options:


1. ROUGH finish        Inquire for pricing

 Scan of poured model & Free Storage

2. PARTIAL finish       Inquire for pricing


Scan of poured model, no base added, partially sculpted & Free storage

3. STANDARD finish    Inquire for pricing

 Scan of poured model, bases added, partially sculpted & Free storage

4. FULLY finished       Inquire for pricing

 Scan of poured model, bases added, fully sculpted & Free storage





Normal turnaround time is generally 3-5 business days after the models have been received in our laboratory.

For more information please call (330)-725-1192 or email