Choosing an orthodontic lab? Heres what to look for!


When searching for an orthodontic lab there are several things that need to be considered, and while there are many good labs out there they may not offer all of these qualities.

Customer Service– When it comes to due dates, orders, and returns, you need a lab that you can count on to get your product to you on time, every time, and with a smile. ROL knows you have high expectations and that’s why we work extra hard to meet your needs. We also provide free rush service with no questions asked.

Quality– It is very important to choose a lab that only uses the highest quality materials available, the direct result of quality materials is a quality appliance. No matter what the appliance is, make sure your lab is using the highest quality equipment and material available.

Price– Of course price is important and we’re sure you’ve checked the competition which is why you will not find better prices than ROL. Be sure you’re not over paying with a current lab.

Experience– When you need a lab, go with the experienced lab with a good repuation. At ROL, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry and we’ve built a consistent and reliable reputation that will ensure you’re getting a great appliance.

Technology– We live in a fast changing world with new products and new equipment affecting the world of orthodontics. You’re lab needs to be on the forefront of the changes in technology and knowledgeable about how they affect you’re practice. ROL uses the latest technology in orthodontics to fabricate your appliances and were also very involved in Digital Ortho.