Digital Orthodontics

Investing in Digital Impression Technology for your Orthodontic Practice

Here is a great article comparing the cost of traditional Orthodontics and Digital Orthodontics. Just do the math with your own practice to see the savings with ANY Intra-Oral Scanner!

 Oh by the way, we are accepting .STL files from Carestream's CS3500 Intra-Oral Scanner!



*This article was written by Dr. Robert L. Waugh, DMD on the Digital Image Stream,  The Carestream Dental Blog.

The age of Digital Orthodontics is here!

The 2013 annual AAO meeting in Philadelphia demonstrated very clearly that digital orthodontics has fully arrived. Reserve Ortho Lab was in Philadelphia for one specific reason, which was to see where digital ortho currently stands in our field. Previous AAO meetings have demonstrated that the technology existed to have an all digital practice, or lab, with desktop 3D scanning, and intraoral scanners. This allowed for digital study models to be produced, but did not make the entire treatment planning fully digital. It is clear that now 3D printing is at a practical stage and can be achieved by forward thinking labs, like ROL. Also with the advancements in intraoral scanning taking the need for an alginate impression away, the treatment planning can be completely digitized, from scanning a patient’s mouth, to creating a digital study model, to virtual setups and treatment planning, to appliance designing, and printing a working 3D model from a .STL file, it’s all digital. Soon Reserve Ortho Lab can be your full service digital laboratory. This is the future of orthodontics  and we can help your practice become a part of it.